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MOSS is a platform, everybody knows it by now.

Lately I came to think that to be a "Total Sharepoint Consultant" one has to know so many things besides knowing Sharepoint (Install, Config, Dev, WebDev, Admin):

  • Admin (Windows, SQL Server, AD, IIS, DNS, Firewalls, Security, SSO)
  • Dev (.NET -VSTO, Office OMs like Excel, Outlook, Infopath)
  • Web (ASP.NET, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Silverlight)
  • Tecnologies (RDBMS, Business Intelligence)
  • Domain (Document/Records Management, Search)
  • Other Products (Exchange, CRM) for integration

In' sure I forgot a few, but to be average knowledgeable on all these, 8-10 years experience are needed.

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Decatec lancia servizi per Microsoft Project Server 2007 con consulenza, servizi, formazione ed integrazione a Sharepoint MOSS 2007.



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One of the things I feed Sharepoint is missing out is to have cababilities to nately generate documents from a List Item. OK, stuff can get exported into Excel. Often I get asked why a list item cannot be seen as an Infopath or Word form or even as a XPS-PDF-OneNote document. I hope it will get added somehow,  eventually.

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Decatec annuncia il lancio dell' "Ufficio Sviluppo Sharepoint" che puo' supportare clienti e partners nello sviluppo Sharepoint avanzato con .NET quale webparts, workflow, Infopath, Office VSTO, Sharepoint Web Services, estensioni al modello oggetti ed integrazione.

Per ulteriori informazioni vedesi la sezione sul sito Decatec.



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