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Decatec sara' presente all' evento di Grid Computing-HPC a Milano come espositore e partner Microsoft.

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Has anyone done it?

I was wondering the other day as I got send a 5 line (in Outlook) Sharepoint 2007 link. Is there an easy way to remap all the long URLs into short ones?


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Post che parlano di costo e licensing(licenze) di Sharepoint


Ovviamente potete rivolgervi a Decatec per una consulenza gratuita su costi e licenze.


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Ease the migration with "Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino"



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Aaron has a nice post on how to create custom field types in for Sharepoint 2007 from Visual Studio


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Con Access 2007 potete creare dei siti di Sharepoint 2007 oppure avere l'applicativo client Access 2007 con il backend di Sharepoint 2007.


All' apertura ci sono diversi templates di cui poter usufruire.



Selezionando il checkbox si creano le liste su Sharepoint che fanno da tabelle per Access 2007 sul PC in locale.


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I'm in love with BDC, the universal data connector of MOSS 2007. Almost any datasource can be registered in Sharepoint and pretty much used as a "native" List. That's fine and dany as long as one uses pre-existing datasources.

What if would like to use BDC to generate tables to a new datasource like SQL Server?

Well, one can sort of extract the Lists to Access 2007 and then upgrade to SQL Server, but then some datatypes are lost in the transition. If there is one thing MOSS 2007 misses is the the possibility to "use" BDC to generate/map to a new table to a new DB. Lets' say a way to save/map a List in Sharepoint to a new table in SQL Server 2005. Sometimes the Sharepoint storage engine is perhaps too much, or metadata is not used, so that a simple SQL Server 2005 table would be more appropriate. Sometimes, like in my case, I'd want the storage engine to be SQL Server and Sharepoint to be the UI/Web Interface, to keep my data/relational model intact but without losing the special "columns" datatypes of MOSS.

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Talking to an academic astrophysician the other day I was reminded the power of SETI and the related @HOME grids, the internet grid systems which utilize inderused computer power donated by users. Well, Digipede does exactly the same , just within the company borders (LAN): it can reuse the power of PCs while users are logged OFF (night or even lunch break) , but also while users are logged IN Digipede can run as a background service.



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Un' evento con Digipede, Microsoft e UBS del Novembre 2006 (in inglese):

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Agile BizTalk Development
Lately I was tasked to prepare a project plan for a BizTalk development.
Since the deadlines were very tight, but had no issues with budget/resourses, I had to parallelize everything as much as possible.
To make it I adopted an Agile/XP metodology with CRC cards:
I essentially created 2 matrix Word templates:
1) Overview Template: For each message I had an axis for field items and systems
2) Detailed View : For each message and each step in a BizTalk orchestration I have the field items, and 3 columns: the incoming filed values, the actions applied to it and the output values for the fields.
So by creating the matrices/CRC cards each single item can be analyzed as information becomes available, developed (schemas, code) and tested, Each of these CRC cards have additional info like Orchestration, Message, WorkFlow, Project Phase, Owner. And also, each document from these templates can be printed out.

FeedBack? What could be done better?

Other Agile BizTalk posts:
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Microsoft Windows .NET grid computing,1895,2009167,00.asp

and what if MS bought Digipede? I do hope they do!! I've used similar .NET grid computing software before in a financial services environment which could easily saturate 400-500 CPUs of parallel work on 4-5 different OSs and CPU types.


previous posts about Microsoft Windows .NET Grid computing
Free .NET Grid Computing software
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Recently I've come across several BizTalk projects using custom pipelines to receive, uncompress and parse all sorts of legacy formats and to create billing statements as PDF. I believe such custom pipelines to be ideal for grid computing to offload serious CPU work to other boxes and to keep it all super scalable.

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 Friday, January 26, 2007

Cercasi Sviluppatori con esperienza su Windows Sharepoint Service - WSS 3.0 e/o Sharepoint (Portal) Server 2003/2007 per progetti su Milano e Roma.


Ulteriori informazioni sulle posizioni aperte sono disponibili al sito

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