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One of the innovative vendors on the Sharepoint BPM front is Italian ISV IT Consult, our excellent partner, which has been building the Josh suite since the first Tahoe/Sharepoint 2001 versions with integrated knowledge mapping and Workflow Designer based on an optimized custom BPM metodology.

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  • make an Express version available as a replacement of the Outlook Business Contact Manager (BCM)
  • release the core shell (CRM without modules) as a "development" environment
  • make CRM Live a ISV platform like XBox live by allowing to publish verticalizations/custom entities which CRM Live customers can buy



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In delving further into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 it came to me that Sharepoint could badly need the Dynamics CRM development model of custom entities as it would allow to create DB based transactional type of applications at which Sharepoint isn't ideally suited.



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"Patton said the company plans to natively integrate the Enterprise Project line with SharePoint in the future"

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Decatec, societa' specializzata in tecnologie Sharepoint, cerca consulenti con esperienza di progettazione e sviluppo su Sharepoint per Milano e Roma. Offresi contratto a progetto o a partita IVA.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulle attivita' Biztalk e Sharepoint vedesi il sito aziendale

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Ultima chiamata per la registrazione alla conferenza Decatec Sharepoint.

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Lately clients ask me to be able to promote a Sharepoint site to a full-blown IIS Application. I'd wish it becomes a feature in V.Next.

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"the number of SharePoint sites at a large airplane manufacturer ... is growing by 300 sites per week."

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MOSS is a platform, everybody knows it by now.

Lately I came to think that to be a "Total Sharepoint Consultant" one has to know so many things besides knowing Sharepoint (Install, Config, Dev, WebDev, Admin):

  • Admin (Windows, SQL Server, AD, IIS, DNS, Firewalls, Security, SSO)
  • Dev (.NET -VSTO, Office OMs like Excel, Outlook, Infopath)
  • Web (ASP.NET, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Silverlight)
  • Tecnologies (RDBMS, Business Intelligence)
  • Domain (Document/Records Management, Search)
  • Other Products (Exchange, CRM) for integration

In' sure I forgot a few, but to be average knowledgeable on all these, 8-10 years experience are needed.

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